Pack Towl Robe Towl

Article number: YCD-06531
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Our RobeTowl™ is the perfect 2-in-1 solution. Delivering the same quick-drying, ultra-soft performance of a PackTowl towel, it’s the ideal travel accessory, serving as both your robe and your towel, so you only have to bring one. It’s great to have with you when getting out of the pool or hot tub—or any time you need a little extra privacy and warmth while drying off. Highly Packable: Lightweight and compact enough to travel anywhere.,,Ultrasoft: PackTowl Personal fabric’s polyester / nylon microfiber blend delivers next-to-skin comfort.,,4X Rapid-Cycle Absorbency: Soaks up four times its weight in water; then wrings out nearly dry.,,Antimicrobial Treatment: Reduces odor retention and increases the life of your RobeTowl.,,Easy Care: Machine wash, then hang or tumble dry.
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