MSR Reactor 2.5L Pot

Article number: YCD-02166
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Adapt your MSR Reactor stove system to any situation. Hard-anodized aluminum Reactor cookware features our proprietary heat exchanger that fully encloses the Reactor stove’s radiant burner. The resulting windproof design is key to the stove system’s unrivaled all-condition performance. 2.5L Pot: A real expedition snow-melting powerhouse, or get your entire group’s freeze-dried on in record time. Includes clear, BPA-free Strainer Lid and folding/locking pot handle. Reactore cookwae is compatible exclusively with the MSR Reactor Stove. Specs: Weight: 0.39kg Packed size: 18.54 x 13.97cm Compatible with MSR Reactor Stove only Made in Thailand
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