MSR Pocket Rocket Stove

Article number: YCD-11792
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When it comes to canister-mounted stoves, MSR proves less is more. The PocketRocket weighs only 86g and revolutionised the hiking stove market. It is a favorite of Backpacker Magazine Tester Andy Dappen, who said, "This midget flamethrower is one of the lightest backpacking stoves available, and the best cartridge stove I've used." Windclip Windshield:Micro-burner, tri-sectional clip protects flame in light wind gusts Fueled by Butane Gas (canister not included) and will fitmost brand canisters not just MSR canisters. Specs: Burn time/ 600ml (MSR IsoPro fuel): Approx 60 mins Boil time/ 1L water (MSR IsoPro fuel): 3.5 mins Weight: 119g
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