Hanz Waterproof All Season Socks

Article number: A16-HANZ-21092
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Three-layer membrane construction waterproof sock ensures protection and minimal bulk for any activity in wet, rainy conditions. HEIGHT: Over-the-calf height (15") for additional waterproof protection CONSTRUCTION: Three-layer construction, securely bonded throughout entire sock LINER: HANZ® wicking liner for moisture management MEMBRANE: HANZ® stretchable waterproof, breathable MVT membrane SHELL: Nylon/Lycra® Spandex offering a durable, flexible, stretch covering Stretch-to-fit avoids uncomfortable sags and wrinkles, even in strenuous activity Seamless design provides the ultimate in performance and comfort without annoying ridges and pressure points Every sock is pressure tested to ensure it has no leaks Sock Sizing SMALL: (M Shoe) 5-6 (W Shoe) 6-7 MEDIUM: (M Shoe) 7-9 (W Shoe) 8-10 LARGE: (M Shoe) 10-11 (W Shoe) 11+ X-LARGE: (M Shoe) 12-15
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