Fox River Wick Dry CoolMax Liner Crew

Article number: A16-FOX-4321-1000-S
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The Fox River Wick Dry Coolmax Liner Crew Socks are ultra-lightweight liners that feature Fox River's Wick Dry technology, keeping your feet dry and blister-free. Liners, which are meant to be worn between your feet and socks, serve as a friction barrier. The CoolMax liner can even be worn as a primary sock when an ultra-thin, lightweight sock is required, and is a favorite of hockey players. The soft inner liner can move with your feet without bunching, which prevents those blisters that would otherwise crop up when hot spots constantly rub up against a thick sock that doesn't move. Additionally, liners help to keep your feet warm and dry on cold hikes by using the same layering principle you already apply to the rest of your body. FEATURES: Silver-coated nylon helps eliminate odor naturally and inhibits bacteria growth in the sock Wick Dry technology removes moisture, reduces hot spots and eliminates blisters SPECIFICATIONS: Height: Crew Weight: Ultralight Fabric Content: 93% CoolMax (Polyester), 6% Nylon, 1% Spandex
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