Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

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We crossed a 75-lumen lantern with a 50-lumen flashlight to get the unique, ultra-versatile Voyager. Black Diamond Voyager lantern provides ultra-versatile lighting for post-sunset campsite activities: 1 DoublePower LED with 140 lumens (max setting) is enclosed in a frosted globe for bright, ambient light in lantern mode. 1 DoublePower LED with 50 lumens in the bottom to provide a precise beam in flashlight mode. Dual reflector system captures and maximizes light output (lantern mode). Lantern, flashlight and dual (lantern and flashlight on) modes-as well as dimming-operate from one convenient switch. Compactible to 105 mm (4.2 in); extended height is 159 mm (6.25 in). Collapsible double-hook hang loop TECH SPECS Lumens : [Lantern] 140 [Flashlight] 50 Weight : 134 g (4.7 oz) Max Burn Time : [Low] 100 H IPX Rating : 4 LED Type : DoublePower Batteries : 4 AA (not included)
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